Seal Tick TSE6086b

TSE6089L Flexible Package Integrity Tester for Large and Heavy PackagesAre you looking for fast, accurate and reliable leak testing system for large and heavy packaging? The Sealtick TSE6089L is specifically designed for leak testing applications of heavy packages up to 25kg.



The Seal Tick TSE6089L is a new product developed specially for testing seals in larger food packages. A horizontal test bed ensures very large packages such as Pet Foods, can be easily lifted into and out of position.

Many products need to be checked to ensure the package is sealed against moisture, oxygen or biological contamination. It ensures the seals have been made completely, allowing the manufacturer to be confident about the shelf life and integrity of their product, whilst offering a system of quality traceability.

The tester is fast – as short as 20 seconds – objective, easy to use and reliable. It does not stress or inflate the package, is dry, non destructive and designed to cope with a wide range of package shapes and sizes. The stainless steel construction makes it ideal for use in a production
environment with tested product able to go back onto the packing line.

Requiring only air and power, the instrument is switched on, the lid is opened and it is ready to test. Place a package, close the lid to initiate the test, and a short while later the panel indicates a pass or fail.

A quantitative result is written into the internal log. Logs can be retrieved by connecting via Ethernet or USB, for quality traceability. Different products can be selected on the controller and tested using a product specific test procedure.

The Sealtick TSE 6089L is based on the same proven technology employed by the TSE6086b, that is used around the world for testing a wide range of food and medical products clean, simple, safe.


  • Accepts a wide range of pack sizes and shapes without adjustment.
  • Testing times from 20-40 seconds .
  • Simple operation – test initiates from handle closure
  • Test results shown on lamps:
    Pass – Fine Fail – Coarse Fail
  • Quantitative result on backlit display.
  • 20 nameable methods. User programmable to optimize for different sized products.
  • Memory – 30 days of results (1 file per day). On the 31st day, the first days results are cleared. 30 days of tracking the test counters progress (1 file per 10 days). On the 31st day the first 10 days are cleared.
  • Ethernet connection allows periodic upload for mandato- ry record keeping and trend identification, plus online monitoring via Web Browser.
  • Test parameters stored and accessible under password access.
  • Setting and control of test times and parameters from keyboard.
  • Internal generation of test vacuum from compressed air.
  • High resolution measurement of leak rate.
  • Recall of most recent test data to review test parameters
  • Calibration menus for vacuum.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Accepts items up to 700×500 mm (depending on thick- ness), and up to 20Kg.


  • Requires only mains power and compressed air (or vacu- um pump).
  • Warranty: 12 months on parts and labour.


  • Vacuum pump for air supply independence.
  • Power input 115V or 230V AC.
  • USB connection for log retrieval.

Additional Information

Advantages Large/heavy packaging products
Purpose and Application Leak test flexible packages without applying stress
Best Sensitivity 15 micron
Locate Leak No
Package Type Flexible bags – pillow, gusset, etc.
Force on Package 0 KPa (typical)
Package Size (Max.) 700×500 mm (thicker packs reduce max height/width)
Standards will add soon
Programmable Test Methods 20 standard
Electronic Testing Record Yes
Air Consumption 60 L/m intermittent
Electrical Connection 230Vac or 115Vac
Operating Temperature 0-50℃