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Malaysia’s Specialist In Supplying Scientific Equipment For Laboratories and Manufacturing

Calia Technology specializes in supplying and servicing scientific equipment for laboratories in Malaysia. Calia Technology represents market-leading businesses and strong brands here in the Malaysian market. These businesses are focused on solving our customers’ most complex challenges with differentiated technology solutions. Specialised solutions are employed in a wide variety of industries including building materials, chemical, food, paint, paper, pharmaceutical, plastic, textile, and others.

Our Vision & Mission

Our aim is to always provide the best support possible to laboratories, wherever their location. Being based close to central Malaysia, Calia Technology is well-located to provide a fast, efficient service throughout the Malaysian market.
Each of our businesses drives growth through the execution of Calia Technology’s proven Growth Strategies:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Customer Service Experience
  • Market Expansion
  • New Product Acquisition

Our Products


Gas measurement and testing systems are used by leading Modified Atmosphere Packaging food producers worldwide for quality control and on-line quality assurance.



HunterLab instruments duplicate how our eyes see color. Our spectrophotometers measure your product color and give numerical values that correlate to what you see.



Instruments for determining the permeation transmission rate of water vapour, oxygen, carbon dioxide and inert gases.


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