Thank you for your excellent job during the recent onsite service and calibration of our Brookfield viscometer. The refresher training was very informative and helpful for us to better understand the machine and how to properly operate and maintain it. The problem of inaccuracy reported before has also been resolved, so the users are very happy and satisfied with the service given. We look forward to having our machine serviced by your good company again in the future. Thanks again.

AmalinaAIMST University

Thanks for your fast actions yesterday! We were really impressed with how you helped us tackle the problems. With the idea from yours at first remoting, us through the safest way using the Team Viewer app can solve the issue in less than 20 minutes!. I really appreciate your effort to guide us in every form you could do including through the e-platform especially.

HafizahSEM Matic

I've had wonderful experiences with Ametek Brookfield's products. A representative from Calia Technology, clearly a seasoned technical trainer, got end users involved in the hands-on session and seemed very well-informed and resourceful during the final! &A session. Keep up the momentum!

Victor PeterSwindburne University

Thank you for your detailed report, and it is well noted that the instrument is now working in good condition and meeting the manufacturer's specifications.

KaixinTOR Minerals

I want to thank you and your team on behalf of Asphalt Technology Sdn Bhd for the superior assistance you gave us when it came to our viscometer machine. Your team has been delivering excellent work with top-notch customer service ever since we signed the contract in 2021. Because of the lower cost, quick response, innovative problem-solving techniques, and, of course, the high calibre of services you provide, we intend to work with Calia Technology Sdn Bhd for many more years. We sincerely appreciate how quickly and professionally you handled our request. For many years to come, we want to continue doing business with you.

Asphalt Technology

Thank you very much for your support in getting the EZMQC software reinstalled to our new lab laptop. I am in awe and very inspired by your efficiency at getting the issue resolved with minimal downtime. Many thanks once again for your relentless efforts and great customer service! Glad to say we are happy customers!
Have a great weekend and year-end break!