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Calia represents brands and solution that are global leaders in manufacturing equipment and systems for applications that require multitude of measurement for processing, quality control and testing. Measurement structures are a key indicator of the quality of a product and is also used to monitor stages during processing for many products. Calia’s equipments are designed to be used for diverse applications – from measuring consistency and accuracy in paints and coatings, to measuring freshness and quality in food products, to determining when a processing step is complete in chemical manufacturing and other industries. We are able to quantify parameters from colour scales to permeability rates and down to gas testing in head space and leakage. We offer comprehensive solutions to the industry in the capacity of online system in the production down to laboratory testing.

Our innovative equipments are accurate, highly reliable and easy to use, providing the precision measurements you need to ensure your product quality. We offer portable, bench-top and production-line models designed to meet your processing, testing, and quality control requirements.

Our sales and support staff has the experience and expertise to ensure that you have the right instrument for your application.

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