TSE2032 water bath integrity tester

The TSE2032 water bath integrity tester works by placing your package underwater and applying a vacuum. Leaks are detected by the stream of bubbles rising from the location of leaks.



The TSE2032 water bath integrity tester is an acrylic transparent case filled with water. This traditional leak tester is used to locate leaks in a package by submerging the package underwater and then applying a vacuum. A stream of bubbles emanates from any leakage point. An operator initiates the tests by putting the package underwater and closes the lid. An integrated grid holds the sample to be immersed underwater to ensure accurate testing.

This unit is supplied with an electronic vacuum pump and vacuum generator. This allows the operator to adjust the vacuum levels and the applied stress to ensure that tiny holes or leaks can be detected. The choice of the adjusted vacuum level will depend on the amount of stress the packages likely to receive during their lifecycle, hence, it can be up to individual judgement.

The TSE2032 water bath integrity tester can also be optionally supplied with a programmable, electronic control module to ensure the repeatability of the adjustable vacuum level and the package immersion time.

The TSE2032 uses a transparent acrylic case for viewing of packs while they are subjected to an underwater vacuum test. Even tiny leaks can be observed and located. The unit is supplied with an electronic vacuum gauge and compressed air driven vacuum generator. To set a constant vacuum within the chamber, the operator need only make a one-off adjustment to the pressure regulator. An operator then simply switches the blue air supply lever on and off to start/stop the test.

Importance of Adjustable Vacuum

While each package can be tested using the same vacuum level, the graph below shows how the force exerted increases with Package size. To ensure a package is not over-stressed during testing, it can be important to match the vacuum level to package size. An assessment could be made of the likely stress a package will experience during its life, for example from factory floor to supermarket shelf. The applied vacuum should then be set to match.

The Leak Location is Easily Detected

Locate the origin of the bubble-stream and you’ve found your leak, and hence point of weakness. The TSE2032 water bath integrity tester’s crystal-clear walls and lid provide unobstructed viewing, while the immersion grid keeps the package submerged.


Electronic Control adds a measure of repeatability by controlling the vacuum level and the length of time the vacuum is applied. The generated vacuum is displayed on a remote electronic gauge. Immersion times are programmable and vacuum levels adjustable. Electronics are housed within an IP67 water-tight enclosure. Testing is initiated with the push of a button. When the test completes, the vacuum turns off and the lid pops open due to package floatation. A Blue light is lit within the Start Button to indicate a test is running or is complete.

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Additional Information

Advantages Shows location of leak in package
Purpose and Application Leak test packages and identify location of leaks
Best Sensitivity No
Locate Leak Yes
Package Type Submersible
Force on Package 0-80 KPa
Package Size (Max.) (L)400 x (W)300 x (D)200mm maximum
Standards will add soon
Programmable Test Methods No
Electronic Testing Record No
Air Consumption 25-110 L/m intermittent
Electrical Connection None
Operating Temperature Up to 70℃