MAP Check 3 Vacuum

On-line gas analyzer for quality assurance of thermoforming and tray sealing machines.

  • Oxygen or combined oxygen and carbon dioxide measurement
  • Continuous monitoring and effective control of every packaging cycle
  • Automatic production halt in case of exceeded gas limits to avoid recalls or repackaging
  • User configurable alarms for low and high gas concentrations



The Dansensor® MAP Check 3 Vacuum gas analyzer provides on-line quality assurance of thermoforming and tray sealing lines by measuring gas composition on a continuous basis. This ensures an effective MAP process line without compromising on quality. This vacuum gas analyzer for Modified Atmosphere Packaging automatically alerts operators and halts the production process if preset gas limits are exceeded. Logging with USB and Ethernet and with PC software for LAN based data collection.


On-line gas analyzers:
The Dansensor MAP Check 3 Vacuum on-line gas analyzer for quality assurance of MAP tray sealing and thermoforming machines is one product in a line of several on-line gas analyzers for MAP processes we offer. The other gas analyzers in the product family are briefly introduced below.


  • Dansensor® MAP Check 3
    Avoid gas waste with automated on-line Quality Assurance of every package for both horizontal and vertical Modified Atmosphere Packaging flow wrappers. The reliable and highly efficient Dansensor MAP Check 3 will typically reduce gas consumption by 20-50%.
  • Dansensor® MAP Check 3 Pressure
    Dansensor MAP Check 3 Pressure provides a simple and efficient solution to gas analysis from any pressurized source. This gas analyzer secures the right blend of gas and tests for impurities in both oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • Dansensor® ISM-3
    With the Dansensor ISM-3 oxygen monitor operators are automatically alerted, and oxygen levels adjusted, if they exceed preset limits. The Dansensor ISM-3 for O2 monitoring offers great accuracy and reliability and is digitally controlled with minimal maintenance requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Stops the packaging machine if preset gas limits are exceeded
  • Measures every packaging cycle
  • Continuous process monitoring of gas content
  • Reduces labor and waste costs compared to manual testing
  • Avoids recalls/repacking by stopping packaging machine if measurements exceed preset limits
  • Oxygen or combined oxygen and carbon dioxide measurement
  • Alarms for low or high gas concentrations
  • Improved data logging capabilities with USB and Ethernet
  • Ability to control the Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus gas mixer
  • Delivered with PC software for LAN based data collection
  • Optional measurement of buffer tank gas composition and pressure
  • User configurable alarms
  • Extended remote monitoring and control options with Modbus TCP

Technical Specifications

Available configurations Dansensor MAP Check 3 Vacuum
Oxygen measurement (zirconia sensor) Standard in all models
Carbon dioxide measurement (dual beam infrared) Model dependent
Control of MAP Mix Provectus Yes
Number of test programs (devices with LCD display) Up to 1,000
Measuring range 0-100%, both O2 and CO2
Resolution O2: ≥10%, 0.1; <10%, 0.01; <1%, 0.001
CO2: 0-100%, 0.1
Sensor accuracy O2 and CO2
System accuracy depends on die geometry and machine timing
O2: ≥0.1%, ±1% of reading; <0.1%, ±0.001% absolute
CO2: 0-100%, ±1.5% of reading + 0.5% absolute
Heating time 10 min


General standard features
Models Available with LCD display or as “Black Box” without display
Connections 2 x RS232C, LAN 10/100 Mbit (Modbus TCP), USB, host for import/export, 24 VDC logic for machine control signals and alarms
Dimensions & weight 192 x 230 x 375 mm (H x W x D), 8.5 – 11.5 kg (depending on model)
Power supply 103-132 / 207-264 VAC (auto ranging), 47-63 Hz


Accessories (optional)
Protection kit IP45 protection (NEMA 3S)
Bracket, assembly Can be combined with MAP Mix Provectus and MAP Check 3: 2 brackets, 8 screws
Buffer tank measurement Model dependent




  • On-line monitoring of gas content on a Tray or Thermoforming packaging machine
  • Above combined with real-time control of package flushing via an advanced GasSave function

For a variety of food and beverage packages using MAP.

Some examples of our customer applications include:
-Prepared meat – Snack Foods – Bakery – Pizza – Meats & Cheese – Fish – Salads & Vegetables – Pharmaceutical Packaging – Medical Device