CheckPoint 3

Portable Gas Analyzer for quality control of modified atmosphere packages (MAP).

  • Different sensor variants ensure compatibility with all applications
  • O2 or combined O2/CO2 measurements
  • Data collection/transfer via WiFi



Our best-selling Dansensor® CheckPoint® 3 is now available with an electrochemical sensor. The electrochemical sensor is designed for food applications including applications with a high concentration of oxygen in the headspace.

Food applications the Dansensor CheckPoint 3 EC is designed for:

  • Bread (treated with alcohol)
  • Coffee
  • Fermented products
  • Fish (smoked)
  • Fresh pasta
  • Red and smoked meat

With Dansensor® CheckPoint 3 CO2 and O2 levels can quickly be checked for Modified Atmosphere Packages in all shapes and sizes. The handheld gas analyzer is easy to use, fast at processing data, and uses an optical sensor to provide the highest level of accuracy among similar products. This is an efficient way of improving MAP quality control.

Users of Dansensor CheckPoint 3 furthermore enjoy features and benefits, including:

  • Improved process efficiency
  • Low cost of ownership

Headspace analyzers:
This portable gas analyzer is part of a family of headspace analyzers. Below is a brief introduction to other related products in the category, explaining their features and how they differ from and complement the Dansensor CheckPoint 3 handheld gas analyzer.

  • Dansensor® CheckMate 3
    Like the Dansensor CheckPoint 3, the Dansensor CheckMate 3 is a cost-effective headspace analyzer that allows for operators to measure both O2 and gas mixtures combining O2 and CO2. It is a benchtop analyzer, versus the portable CheckPoint 3.
  • Dansensor® CheckMate PC Software
    This software can control several Dansensor headspace analyzers in large MAP production environments. This makes it easier to collect and evaluate data about the headspace gas of products tested with either Dansensor CheckMate ll or CheckMate 3.
  • Dansensor® Can Piercer
    The correct mixture and amount of headspace gas is vital to the quality of canned products. To ensure compliance with requirements and to achieve consistency in the delivery of prolonged shelf-life products, the Dansensor Can Piercer can be used to sample the headspace gas of milk powder cans, wine bottles and similar containers.  Use it in conjunction with a CheckPoint or CheckMate Analyzer to get accurate headspace gas analysis for  your canned goods.
  • Dansensor® OpTech
    Dansensor OpTech is made for measuring the oxygen levels in MAP products. It is most often used in laboratories and is recognized for its ability to conduct non-invasive oxygen measurements through transparent foil.

Features & Benefits

  • No PC software required
  • Easy to use
  • Improves MAP quality control
  • Better process efficiency
  • Greater business transparency
  • Secures your brand’s reputation
  • Highest level of portable analyzer
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No daily 20.9% calibration
  • Different sensor variants ensure compatibility with all applications
  • O2 or combined O2/CO2 measurements
  • Gas flow alarm
  • Fast processing and graphic statistics
  • Easy-to-read 3.5” color touchscreen
  • Uses standard, low-cost needles
  • Multiple languages
  • PREMIUM version features includes::
    • Create up to 10 user accounts on the device
    • Add up to 100 product profiles to streamline and regulate data
    • Automatic logging to remove the risk of human error
    • Data collection/transfer via WiFi

Technical Specifications

Available configurations O2 (ceramic solid state sensor) O2 (electrochemical sensor) CO2 (infrared single beam sensor)
Sample volume (minimum) 5 ml 5 ml 5 ml
Sample time (minimum) 7 sec 7 sec 7 sec
Measuring range 0-55% 0-100% 0-100%
Resolution 0.1% oxygen 0.1% oxygen 0.1% carbon dioxide
Sensor accuracy ±(0.1% O₂ + 2% of readout) ±(0.25% O₂ + 2% of readout) ±2% CO₂ in range 0-20%
±3% CO₂ in range 20-100%
Heating time 5 sec N/A N/A
Expected sensor lifetime > 3 years > 1 year
(depending on use)
> 5 years
Food applications Vegetables (raw and prepared), meat
(processed), fish (raw and prepared), cheese, prepared meals, snack foods, beverage
Meat (raw and smoked), fish (smoked), bread (treated with alcohol), fresh pasta, fermented foods, coffee  All
Dimensions & weight 75 x 100 x 175 mm (HxWxD), 0.7 kg
Power supply Battery powered; up to 2000 measurements on a fully charged battery at 20 °C; recharge time maximum 5 hours
Options Standard consumable kit (1 sampling kit, 1000 septums, 10 needles (Ø 0.8) & 10 water trap filters), metal needles
Connections WiFi (WPA, WPA 2, WPA enterprise)
Calibration and service 12 months
Working temperature 0 to +40°C, less than 95% RH, non condensing
Compatibility  RoHS, China RoHS, CE
Data package Extended memory – up to 1 million measurements
What’s included in the box? 100 septums, 10 needles (Ø 0.8), 10 water trap filters, power supply w/interchangeable plugs (US, EU, AU, UK)


  • Needle kits
  • Septums
  • Sampling kits
  • Filters
  • Hoses for sample gas
  • Protective side covers
  • IQ/OQ documents
Service & Support Options
  • Basic Preventative Maintenance Plan
  • Plus Preventative Maintenance Plan


Portable Head space analyzer measuring the gas content in MAP packages

  • O2 measurements
  • O2 + CO2 measurements

For a variety of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical packages using MAP.

Some examples of our customer applications include:
Snack Foods – Bakery – Pizza – Meats & Cheese – Fish – Fruit, salads & Vegetables – Pet Foods – Pharmaceutical Packaging – Medical Device