UVTest® Fluorescent / UV Instrument


Atlas’ UVTest is an economical instrument for fluorescent UV and condensation weathering test methods. The instrument uses UVA-340, UVB-313, or UVA-351 fluorescent bulbs for a variety of applications. The touch screen provides simple operation and control in several languages. It has patented irradiance ports for safe calibration not offered on competitive fluorescent UV testers. Multiple units can be stacked for space considerations, and a recirculating spray option is available to reduce the amount of DI water used.

The innovative design is a new, higher standard in terms of features, ease-of-use, accuracy and safety as compared to competitive fluorescent UV devices.

– Proven performance matches or exceeds other brands
– Modern touch screen interface in several languages
– Remote ethernet data acquisition
– Unsurpassed safety compliance
– Recirculating spray water option
– Plus many other exclusive user-friendly features

  • Fluorescent UV lamps (8) – 40 W (UVA-340, UVB-313, UVA-351)
  • Black Panel Temperature (BPT) Control
  • Door safety and over-temperature shutoff
  • CE compliance and UL & CSA certified
  • Specimen Holders
  • Mulit-language Touch screen display
  • Irradiance calibration safety access ports
  • Ergonomically designed specimen retaining rings
  • Recirculating spray water
  • (12) specimen spray nozzles
  • Hand-held irradiance calibrator
  • Data acquisition program via Ethernet
  • Stacking kit
  • Irradiance control (340 nm, 313 nm, 351 nm)
  • Customer-specified spray nozzles
  • WXView Data Acquisition Package
  • Backer boxes for 3-dimensional and odd shaped specimens

The listed standards and specifications may include several alternative testing options. The instrument meets at least one option in any listed standard. Standards are subject to change without notification, which may result in a change in testing technology. Always check the revision status of a standard with the responsible Standards Development Organization. If unsure about instrument compliance, please contact your local sales representative.

  • ASTM D4329
    Standard Practice for Fluorescent UV Exposure of Plastics
  • ASTM D4587
    Standard Practice for Fluorescent UV-Condensation Exposures of Paint and Related Coatings
  • ASTM D4799
    Standard Test Method for Accelerated Weathering Test Conditions and Procedures for Bituminous Materials (Fluorescent UV and Condensation Method)
  • ASTM D5208
    Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) and Condensation Apparatus for Exposure of Photodegradable Plastics
  • ASTM G151
    Standard Practice for Exposing Nonmetallic Materials in Accelerated Test Devices that Use Laboratory Light Sources
  • ASTM G154
    Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Light Apparatus for UV Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials
  • DIN EN 12224
    Geotextiles and geotextile-related products – Determination of the resistance to weathering
  • DIN EN 1297
    Flexible sheets for waterproofing – Bitumen, plastic, and rubber sheets for roofing – Method of artificial ageing by long term exposure to the combination of UV-radiation, elevated temperature and water
  • DIN EN 13523-10
    Coil coated metals – Test methods – Part 10: Resistance to fluorescent UV light and water condensation
  • DIN EN ISO 4892-1
    Plastics – Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources – Part 1: General guidance
  • EN 927-6
    Paints and varnishes – Coating materials and coating systems for exterior wood – Part 6: Exposure of wood coatings to artificial weathering using fluorescent UV and water
  • ISO 11997-2
    Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to cyclic corrosion conditions – Part 2: Wet (salt fog)/dry/humidity/UV light
  • ISO 16474-3
    Paints and varnishes – Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources – Part 3: Fluorescent UV lamps
  • ISO 4892-3
    Plastics – Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources – Part 3: Fluorescent UV-lamps
  • prEN 1062-4
    Paints and varnishes – Coating materials and coating systems for exterior masonry – Part 4: Preconditioning of exterior coatings to UV radiation and water in apparatus
  • SAE J2020
    Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Exterior Materials Using a Fluorescent UV and Condensation Apparatus