Hydra IIC

The Hydra IIC is a fully automated turnkey analyzer that measures mercury in solid and semi-solid sample matrices directly without any acid digestion (sample preparation). The system employs the technique of sample combustion (thermal decomposition), mercury concentration via gold amalgamation and detection by cold vapor atomic absorption.

The biggest advantage of the Hydra IIC is that no sample preparation is required before analysis. And, because no sample preparation is required; the cost and hassle of dealing with waste disposal is avoided.

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  • No sample preparation required; no waste generated
  • Wide dynamic range with extended range option
  • Excellent sensitivity; no sample dilution required
  • Easy calibration; matrix independent
  • Electronic transfer of sample weight
  • Simple “plug and play” design makes preventative maintenance a snap
  • “On the fly” sample can be easily accommodated​

Key Features

  • Maintenance of the catalyst and gold trap in minutes
  • Pressure monitoring, indicates a problem with the catalyst or sample boat injector
  • Standard usable range 0.001 ng – 1500 ng
  • Configurable to a high mass analyzer in minutes
  • 0.0006 ng instrument detection limit*

*System Blank Detection Limit is determined by 10 no-boat readings under ideal system conditions. The standard deviation of the 10 readings is multiplied by 3 to determine final value.​

Common Methods

  • EPA Method 7473​
  • ASTM D6722
  • ASTM D7623