T.C.S Pro

The TCS™ Pro is an integrated sample concentration system with both sample concentrator and gas supply functions.
The Pro model can fully automate the concentration process with the sample concentration method entered on the HMI touch panel.

Up to 48 samples can be concentrated based on a 16 mL test tube, and test tube blocks suitable for various test tube sizes can be supplied customized to the customer.
During the experiment, a constant flow rate of gas is supplied to all nozzles used, and the TCS™ Pro provides highly reproducible concentration results through stable nozzle descent.

In recognition of the outstanding technology and innovation of the TCS™ Pro model, it was selected as an innovative product by the Public Procurement Service in October 2020.

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Product Feature

Evatros  T.CS™ Pro – Total sample Concentration System


– Integrated sample concentration system with sample concentration, hood and gas supply
– Automated sample concentration process through HMI Software
– Concentrate up to 48 samples
–  Independent gas supply of individual nozzles
– Simultaneous drying of saturated steam in a test tube with a 5-way gas spray nozzle method
– Heating function through aluminum test tube block (room temperature ~ 80 ℃)
– Conveniently observe the sample concentration process through the slit of the test tube block
– Possible to manufacture test tube blocks of various shapes and diameters
– Test tube block that can be easily replaced depending on the test tube used
– Conveniently set the test tube using the Pull & Push shelf
– Automatic gas shut-off with an alarm when the sample concentration setting time is over
– Safe discharge of odors and harmful gases through the mounted hood
– Selected as an innovative product by the Public Procurement Service in October 2020

  • Option 1: Acid Resistant Enhanced Option
  • Option 2: UV blocking option


※ Various sizes of test tube block accessories can be found in the brochure .  >> You can find TCS™ Pro at the Public Procurement Service’s exclusive mall for

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Product Specification

Evatros  C  sample  concentrator specifications

product name Evatros C Pro
part number EC-1648P EC-5108P
Number of concentrated samples 48 8
Test tube block hole diameter (mm) 16.3 51
Whether the test tube can be replaced Yes No
number of nozzles 48 24*
heating method Aluminum test tube block (no need to use water)
temperature setting range Ambient ~ 80℃ (Precision: ±0.3%)
HMI touch panel 7” touch screen
temperature setting mode Dual or Single mode**
Method storage number 10
rated voltage 220[V], 50/60[Hz], 2.5[A]
Product size (mm) 920(H) x 640(W) x 750(D)
Product Weight (Kg) 110 119
gas consumption 2 L/min @ 30 psi per nozzle

*Three nozzles spray gas into one test
tube ** The 1st and 2nd rows of the test tube block can set the same or different temperatures.

▷  Evatros  G  Gas Generator Specifications

product name Evatros G
part number EN-0600 EA-3000 ES-3600*
N2 flow rate 60 L/min 60 L/min
Dry Air flow rate 120 L/min 120 L/min
pressure 30 psi 30 psi 30 psi
Hollow fiber membrane(N2) O O
Dry point membrane (Air) O O
Phthalate None
noise level 50[dB]
rated voltage 220[V], 50/60[Hz], 8[A]
Product size (mm) 1000(H) x 640(W) x 750(D)
Product Weight (Kg) 160 160 155

* Optional supply of nitrogen or dry air

Application Field

  • food
  • Restrictions
  • forensics
  • Medicine
  • chemistry
  • water environment
  • agricultural products
  • Livestock environment
  • cosmetics