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Assistant Technical Manager

Mohammad Akmal Nurhakim bin Mohd Razid

Mr Hakim is an Assistant Technical Manager at Calia Technology Sdn Bhd. He has had 10 years of experience within various technical environments, service division start-ups, and field-service positions. He started his engineering career in the aviation industry, then switching to the security-system industry.

Currently, and for the longest period, he has been in the scientific industry. Prior to this he was a service engineer with Malaysian GLC, Sime Darby Berhad. He was promoted to senior engineer at Calia Technology. He has had 8 years of experience with scientific equipment. He has a wide knowledge of spectroscopy, chromatography and physical-testing instruments. He currently supports a vibrant service team and has taken up new responsibilities, leading ISO-certified calibration services.

Mr Hakim holds a Diploma in Aviation Engineering, and was a Dean’s List student, with a CGPA of 3.87. Currently he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Management at OUM.