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Dynamica XB-10 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (with DOBI Function)

Dynamica XB-10 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (DOBI)

-Single beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer
-Standalone use with color touch screen operation (very easy to operate!)
-Sleek design, small and compact (save benchtop space, easy to carry!)
-Long life Xenon lamp optics ensures a quick and reliable performance
-No need warm up time! Can straight away use: just plug and play!
-Customized DOBI feature for palm oil testing (easy to use, save time!)
-Fast analysis (It takes only 5 seconds to read Abs in both 446nm and 269nm using our DOBI feature)
-Data storage (USB and micro reader) and PC operation option is available
-Easy to clean platform (can simply screw out the platform, clean any oil spills and put back to use! Less than 1 minute!)
-Reliable and repeatable results
-For non-DOBI use, Concentration function is included. Can upgrade accessories!

Palm oil is the leading oil traded in the world’s oils and fats market. Malaysia accounts for 49% of the palm oil produced in the world. The importance of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) quality cannot be overlook due to the fact that good-quality refined oils cannot be produced from poor quality CPO. It is essential to any palm oil mill to extract CPO with excellent quality and stability, particularly on oxidation. Lipid oxidation in CPO is a process by which the unsaturated fatty acids in CPO react with oxygen from the air, resulting in rancidity that might lead to poor oil bleachability and keepability. As a result, flavors and shelf life of the final food products will be degraded. Such degradation can be easily detected by the palate even at very low concentrations. Deterioration of Bleachability Index (DOBI) reading is one of compulsory quality parameter used for measuring the oxidation level. It has been officially added to the Malaysian Domestic Sales of CPO Contract since July 2004. DOBI Value of >2.31 is considered fair, >2.93 is considered good and >3.24 is considered excellent. If the DOBI value <2.30 it is considered poor. This can be easily checked using our Dynamica XB-10!

User friendly DOBI interface, specifically customized for Palm Oil industry.



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