Color Spectrophotometer (Pharma) 2021-08-27T07:58:29+00:00

Colour Spectrophotometer

  • our analytical color measurement system to replace visual color assessments
  • Reports CIE/ASTM color values, EP color, USP color, and other color measurement values, meeting EP, USP and other international pharmaceutical guidelines
  • Enables measurement of very small pills, capsules and tablets
  • Built for speed – deliver complete measurement results in as little as two seconds
  • Available with 21 CFR: part 11 electronic records quality control software with full validation

  • Non-contact measurement eliminates and reduces sample cleanup time
  • Smart sensor technology with automatic height positioning
  • Rotating sample platform provides the world’s largest measurement area
  • Smart user interface and data management – USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Embedded EasyMatch Essentials quality control (QC) software – no PC required