Color Spectrophotometer (Chemical) 2021-08-27T03:55:49+00:00

Colour Spectrophotometer

  • 45°/0° measurement geometry meets specifications
  • Easy-to-use embedded software includes product standard storage with pass/fail tolerances
  • Small and compact, requiring very little bench space
  • Easily connects to a printer or a PC
  • Compatible with EasyMatch quality control (QC) software

  • Measure APHA, Gardner, Saybolt, and ASTM D1500 in your desired path length, and report results in any standard path length.
  • Verify product and process integrity — simultaneously measure transmission color and Haze% in a single measurement.
  • Embedded EasyMatch Essentials quality control (QC) software — no PC required.
  • Flow through cells available for continuous color and haze Measurements.
  • Operator friendly One-touch standardization – no accessories required.