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LV Spindles

All standard LV torque Brookfield Viscometers/Rheometers are supplied with a standard spindle set (LV-1 through LV-4) constructed of #302 stainless steel. Additional spindle options are available in #316 stainless steel or Teflon coating for increased corrosion resistance. An optional spindle rack makes a convenient storage “bench” and allows easy and quick access to all spindles.

Spindle LV-5 is an optional spindle designed to increase measuring range. Spindles LV-2C and LV-3C are optional “cylindrical spindles” offering geometry for calculating shear rates.


EZ-Lock spindles with a special coupling system are also available. This option allows spindles to be quickly attached and removed, and this may also help prevent against damage that can occur from frequent spindle changes or multiple users. Spindles can only be used with instruments purchased with EZ-Lock option or ones that have been retrofitted. Please contact Brookfield or an authorized dealer for details and part numbers.

**Note: Replacement EZ-Lock spindles must be purchased for use with a DV2T EXTRA Viscometer.

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