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Liberation from All Previous Hussle
New Type of Digital Viscometer

Easy Operation

ATAGO’s VISCO ™ B offers a simple set up and all operations can be done by one dial button for measurements which allows anyone to easily assemble and use.

One Touch Spindle

Compared to the left-handed screw type that are commonly used with traditional Type-B viscometers, a spindle for VISCO™ B can be installed by simple one touch.

Smooth Height Adjustment

Many of the traditional Type-B viscometers that use left-hand screw requires to turn and twist screws to move it up and down causing tendonitis in some cases. With VISCO™ B, height can be adjusted simply by using a lever.

Digital Levelling Check

Traditional Type-B analogue viscometers require visual check when levelling. VISCO™ B is digital and easily done.

Don’t let reference line confuse you

Where to place a beaker is important. VISCO™ B has easy to follow guideline that takes away the ambiguity.

Stylish Design

The VISCO™ B offers futuristic design that will brighten and bring fun to any measurement sites.

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