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Corporate Information

Calia Technology specializes in supplying and servicing scientific laboratory equipment in South-East Asia. Calia Technology offers a highly sophisticated range of scientific equipment as a solution to customers from a wide variety of industries including but not limited to building materials, chemical, food, paint, paper, pharmaceutical, plastic, and textile to name a few.

Our Vision & Mission

Our aim is to provide solutions for laboratories across South-East Asia. Our 3 strategically located regional bases in Malaysia, Singapore, and Sumatera aims to provide a fast, efficient service throughout these regions. 

Each of our businesses are driven through execution of Calia Technology’s proven Growth Strategies: 

  • Operational Excellency 
  • Customer Service Experience 
  • Market Expansion 
  • New Business Acquisition 

Calia Technology has 20+ years of experience in providing a comprehensive range of instruments and solutions in the scientific and medical industry.

Our scope of business covers Analytical & Chemistry, Physical Testing, and Service. Calia Technology forges strong business foundations and long-lasting relationships with both customers and principals in the scientific and manufacturing communities.

The company aims to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction through our team of highly trained and experienced sales & marketing, project management and service engineering staff.

Our Values